Comprehensive Home Support


We can support you at home by providing a Carer or Care Team to help you:

  • Safely prepare meals
  • Maintain social connections and activities
  • Get out to purchase groceries and  run errands
  • Get to appointments and support you through them
  • With household tasks
  • With personal cares such as showering
  • Keep your garden the way you like it



It is our pleasure to provide companionship for  people living at home or independently in village environments.  This provides you with an opportunity to maintain your social interests, go for a drive, have a coffee, visit a garden centre, go to the library, take in a movie or to run errands. A companion is someone who takes a personal interest in you.

For someone with no or limited mobility,  we can visit and provide a friendly face, a hand to hold, a listening ear and someone to share stories and memories with.

Companionship sessions provide:

  • One on One time
  • A trusted friend who knows your favourite places
  • Outings to places that interest you
  • Ability to retain your social connections

Post Hospital Support


We understand the challenges of living at home following a spell in hospital with the need to reassure medical staff and family that the right level of support is in place.

We are able to put a care plan in place very quickly and are better able to support you if the Care Manager is invited to the hospital discharge meeting.

We can provide you with support by being available to:

  • Transport you from hospital to home
  • Safe guard your home to minimise any identifiable hazards and risks
  • Prepare nutritious meals
  • Arrange follow-up appointments and accompany you to them
  • Support you with personal cares
  • Keep the household clean and functioning well
  • Support and assist you with your rehabilitation activities
  • Stock up the pantry and fridge
  • Simply provide companionship

Overnight Support


Often people think of home support as being a day time activity. Many of our Clients live alone and can continue to do so because we are able to provide overnight support.

Your Carer will sleep in your home.  This means you will have support in the night when you need it, or simply the company to provide you with a feeling of security that enables you to sleep well.

Overnight support can be  a stand-alone service or we can provide this in conjunction with a wider day time care plan.

If this doesn't meet your particular requirements, we can adapt.

Peace of Mind for Family Members


Often families need to find ways to support their elderly parents when they may not have the capacity or even live in the same town, or country.

Our Care Managers work alongside you to ensure the right level of support is provided to your loved one. We can assist you to choose the type of support you might need such as companionship and outings or more comprehensive care if necessary.

We treat your family member as if they were our parents. We involve them in their own care and allow them to make their own choices where ever possible.

Older people can be resistant to support for any number of reasons. We help you prepare for conversations with your elder family member and work hard with them to get used to change.

We can provide reports to keep absent family members involved and up to date with activities that their parents/ grandparents are involved in.

If you have a challenge in being able to support a loved one contact us to discuss how we can assist you

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